Vodafone Revises Roaming Plans in EU; Rates Get Cheaper Starting Dec 1

November 29, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Vodafone is introducing refreshed mobile roaming plans across the European Union. With the changes coming into the existing plans, the users will be able to check their emails and tweet away wherever they are located on the continent at cheaper rates.

The Vodafone Day Traveller plan that the company offers will provide the users with a 25MB per day of data allowance. This will allow the users to have access to their Facebook account, read and reply to around 250 emails, watch around 25 minutes of SD YouTube or access 65 different maps.

Some users may be disappointed as they’ll be denied from streaming HD videos, or hooking up the Spotify app when they need it.

The company has offered the Day Traveller plan costing you £10 for a month. Making it comfortable for many customers, the plan would also be available at £2 a day.

For the existing Vodafone customers on £40 a month will be automatically allowed with the 25MB per day of data allowance. It will be delightful for those customers as they are currently enjoying only a 5MB of data on roaming. The new plan will be coming live from the very first day of this 2010 December.

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