Samsung Nexus S Visits FCC with New BT/WiFi & GPS Antenna

November 29, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Well, we have heard a lot about the Samsung Nexus S, one of the most anticipated mobile devices. Every time it has been rumors, leaks, blurry shots and the lot. But this time, we have a little official piece, though not yet confirmed.

A document filed with FCC suggests that Nexus S has got some change from its earlier shapes, at least with the antennas. The document which is an application from Samsung Electronics to FCC tells about a change in its device which was previously certified by FCC.

The FCC ID of the device is mentioned as GT19020T, which is known as the Nexus S’ official id when filed at Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC.

This time, the filing says that the device has got two more antennas apart from the earlier ones present. So, Nexus S, when rolled out at an imminent launch date which is yet to be announced, will have a BT/Wi-Fi antenna. The rig will feature a GPS receiver antenna also.

Speculations were rife about Nexus S being added with a dual-core processor. Well, it seems they are adding more things. We don’t bother till they add anything that makes the device rock when it reaches our hand.

But for one thing, we have been stretching our patience levels beyond limits. Whatever you add, bring it out soon, we are dying for the Gingerbread device.

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