Nintendo did Extremely Well on Black Friday Week

November 29, 2010, By Christian Davis

Who would have thought selling a red Wii would make such a difference? Nintendo made a killing this Black Friday and it seems that the Wii is still a highly sought after console.

According to Nintendo’s sales the Nintendo’s handheld sold a combined total of 900,000 units from November 21st to November 27th.The sale includes the DS, DSi,  and DSi XL.

The motion contolled counterpart wasn’t too far behind, selling 600,000 units that week. A new console color bundled with one of the greatest Mario games of all time seems to be the way to go for increased sales. A combined total of 1.5 million Nintendo units were sold in one weeks time.

“U.S. shoppers bought about 9,000 Nintendo hardware systems nonstop for every hour of every day during the week of Black Friday,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime.”

Those are some impressive numbers. Was it almost expected however? It is the biggest sales day of the year. Other companies have not released their console sales yet, so you can’t tell if they did the best. The numbers are still very commendable and shows that Nintendo is still a company that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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