Leaked Images from Bungie’s Next Game?

November 29, 2010, By Christian Davis

Now that Bungie has finished working on the Halo series, everyone want’s to know what else they’re going to bring to the table. They’ve recently partnered with Activision with a 10 year “alliance” and all eyes are on Bungie. Now, we’ve got some rumored leaked screenshots from Bungie’s new undisclosed game.

On the IGN forums a member claiming to have played this game has taken these screenshots and has even given us some information on the game. Supposedly the game is a cross between Halo, Call of Duty and Rainbow Six.It takes place in an(estimated) time frame from 2020 – 2040, it is like a semi-modern war game.  Here’s a list of weapons facts from the leak source:

Weapons Facts

M16(something)- Fully auto, with a x2 scope, kinda like an automatic Battle Rifle with less accuracy.
The game is soo far from being finished there is not much too say.

Laser Designated Rockets – fun, but only 4 shots, you only usually get it to kill choppers, but its pretty entertaining.

Pistol – there are a few, just same-old, same-old pistols with something like 6 shots each.

Sniper – I’ve seen what I think is the main character using a bolt action rifle, other than that. I haven’t used it.

There are NO armor abilities from what I saw (you don’t play as a spartan anymore) so there is sprint and there is barrel roll (evade). Both are semi-useful.

Could these be real? According to Bungie employee, Luke Smith, he says no. Stating these images are the “Worst fakes ever.” The previous Tom Morello leaks were said to be fake too and yet, he was completely accurate with his Halo: Reach leaks. Here’s a comparison image below of his old leak.

It’s still hard to tell, but we’ll see as time goes on. It even said to be with a similar engine as Halo: Reach’s and it’s set to be multi-platform. The leak source states that he was playing the game on a Playstation 3.

For the link to the IGN forum thread click here.

Here are the rest of the images below:

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