Apple iPad on Orange UK for Cheap; 16 GB for £199

November 29, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here’s some good news for our UK readers. Confirming the earlier reports that four UK carriers would start presenting iPads at hitherto unknown subsidized rates, Orange UK has come forward to announce their slashed prices and monthly plans for iPad.

Well, the Orange plan goes like this. A 16 GB iPad goes for a price of £199, while if you are ready to pay £249 you can grab a 32GB one.

Orange intends to sell the highest model of iPad- the 64 GB version- for £ 349. Well, these subsidized rates from Orange comes with a new monthly data plan, which makes you qualified for getting iPad at cheap rates.

They have set two separate plans – one for existing customers and the other for new ones. For existing customers it costs £ 25 a month which allows up to 1 GB data usage during peak time and 1 GB data usage during off-peak time.

Orange puts time between midnight- and 4 pm as the off-peak timing. For new users it costs £ 27 a month for similar usage.

Well, to let you know, Amazon tells a 16 GB Wi-Fi enabled iPad for £439.69. Thus it goes the way up for other models. So that’s a food for your thought in clinching the Orange deal.

Well, Orange has not told us when they are going to roll out their new plan. If you are about to make a purchase, well, we may remind you, three more carriers are still in line to tell the tale.

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