Speed Up Windows 7 Boot

November 26, 2010, By Christian Cawley

If you have problems with your Windows 7 boot speed – particularly if it has decreased since you bought your PC, there can be many reasons for this. You might have installed some malware scanning software that will seriously increase the amount of time your desktop takes to load, or you might have a troublesome device driver.

Additionally, you could have installed an application that regularly checks for updates, again causing your PC to slow down when it is concentrating on booting Windows 7.

A good solution for this is Soluto, a free app currently at the Beta stage which intends to use the collected knowledge of all of its users to resolve problems such as this.

Use Soluto to Assess Windows 7 Boot Speed

Soluto can be downloaded from www.soluto.com – once downloaded, installing Soluto won’t take long, especially if you have the latest .NET framework installed.

The first thing the tool will do once installed is to tell you to reboot your PC. This has nothing to do with finalising the installation, but has everything to do with analysing why your PC boot is slow.

When you reboot and login to Windows, you will notice that Soluto displays a small status notification in the corner of the screen where it will update you on what it is checking. Once this is done and Windows has finished booting, your network is connected and so on, go to the system tray and click the Soluto icon – it will then display its findings.

Improve Windows 7 Boot Speed with Soluto

It is here that Soluto can be used to improve your Windows 7 boot speed; the results of the scan will be displayed in the form of a chart, and you can use your mouse to check each of the elements identified as causing the boot delay. The chart is split into three parts:

  • No Brainer – apps you should remove from boot
  • Potentially removable – for advanced users
  • Cannot be removed with Soluto

Removal with Soluto isn’t as final as it sounds, however; all the utility does is prevent the software in question from loading until the PC has booted and there is no activity. Additionally as you now know what the applications causing the delay are, you should be able to find and uninstall them

To remove something from your PC’s boot, start with the No Brainer items. Select the No Brainer chart with your mouse – it will change focus and take centre stage in the window. You can then browse through the items to see the item name and a description, selecting as you go to delay or pause them.

  • Delay – prevents the item from loading until boot is complete
  • Pause – stops the item from loading completely and is only launched when you want it to be

To help you make up your mind, Soluto will display some other information – there will be a More link and an arrow pointing to some hidden details about the software in question, and when displayed you will be able to see a recommendation based on what other users did, displayed as a pie chart. For each Pause or Delay option, Soluto will also display the implication of each choice.

You can shave around 90 seconds off your Windows 7 boot time in extreme circumstances, and Soluto is definitely a tool to try out.

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