Sony PRS-350 Pocket Edition & PRS-650 Touch Edition eReaders Gear Up for Relaunch

November 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sony will be introducing its Reader eBook on December 10th in the Japanese markets and this will mark the company re-entering into the country’s electronic book market. The company hopes Japan to become the second or third largest market for e-readers in the future years.  They are expecting a boom in the sales during the year-end shopping rush.

Starting December 10th, two models from the company’s latest line-up will be available in the Japanese markets. The Sony PRS-350 Pocket Edition and PRS-650 Touch Edition will be the flag-bearing models in the electronics giant’s return to a difficult market.

The Sony PRS-350 Pocket Edition is offered for 20,000 yen ($239) and the PRS-650 Touch Edition will be available for 25,000 yen ($299).

Along with Panasonic, it was in 2007 that Sony pulled them from the electronic book market. Lack of content was the reason for Sony’s abrogation in 2007 as they had only 10,000 titles to offer. But when they return, they are opening an online bookstore offering 20,000 titles, almost all in Japanese.

They are in the midst of negotiations with Japanese publishers and had teamed up with KDDI Corp, Toppan Printing Co and the Asahi Shimbun newspaper in May. By this alliance they intend to create the electronic book distribution business from which the online stores will source books.

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