Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone Leaks; Gears Up for a MWC 2011 Showcase

November 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here’s another leak and this time it comes from the Sony Ericsson stables. The upcoming Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone has been spotted out there and rumors have started flying thick and fast on a possible release during February next’s Mobile World Congress. So that means, you may not get to play with it before this year’s holiday season comes to a close.

What occurs to us is though an out and out PlayStation phone, the upcoming Sony Ericsson device may not play full PSP download titles.

It is being rumored that the phone which could come with a $500 price tag would incorporate a five game bundle, and not give away custom-made games at sub-$10 prices. That seems like sense to us.

It is not yet known as to what kind of branding the phone will come with. It is expected that the Xperia brand name will be adhered to, and on the display department it could boast of a Bravia branding.

We guess the Bravia branding could be something of a rival to the iPhone 4’s Retina Display that has been discussed in detail.

Guess we will wait for February so that the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone gets shown off at the MWC 2011. May be, much earlier to that we could even be fortunate enough to an official statement from the company.

Tell us if you find the device is worth waiting for, as we go hunting for more info.

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