Boxee Box Gets Firmware Update for Thanks Giving Day

November 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Post-two weeks of landing in users’ laps, Boxee Box has got its first firmware update that fixes certain bugs and adds some improvements. The new firmware update fixes many irritating bugs like stuttering in Blu-Ray content playback and failure to open .rar folders containing subtitle files. It has also solved the audio drop outs in continuous playback of Flash videos.

The connectivity bug fixes include proper signal levels display and added support to some Wi-Fi encryption schemes. The new firmware solves the issue of intermittent crashes when Boxee fails to open networked media.

Other major fixes include correct ordering of the ‘friends’ feed’ from Facebook. With the new firmware, no more worry about snapping network connections due to faulty DNS configuration when using VPN.

Apart from these essential bug fixes, the new firmware update comes with a lot of improvements and additions like support for .mkv files with header compression and support for external subtitles for Blu-Ray. Now users can select the slideshow to be set as the screen saver and can see the last letter typed in password fields.

Your Boxee Box may intimate you automatically about the firmware update. If, by any chance, you miss the memo, you can manually get it by going to ‘Update’ menu under ‘System’ in the ‘Settings’. Seems Boxee guys are working behind the screen on some important future updates to be released next month. When it hits, it is expected to add Netflix and Vudu apps to your Boxee experience.

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