Gran Turismo 5 gets good initial reviews even as server problems and online congestion seem to plague the experience!

November 25, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Enjoying the Gran Turismo 5 experience? Having an absolute ball as you fly through the tracks and unlock new cars? Well, the general opinion of the newly released GT5 seems to indicate that the game has surely lived up to the expectations of racing enthusiasts across the globe. Those who have got their hands on the game already are pretty pleased with what is on offer while the ones who did pay the extra bit to get the Collector’s Edition are simply ecstatic.

But what seems to be the problem, as we are starting to hear it trickle in from various sources is the online experience of the game. This is not just for multiplayer games online. Apparently even single player gaming experience is plagued by slow transmission with complete lack of transmission in some cases. Yes, we do understand that everyone with the game is anxious to get on board and hence the trouble, but Sony surely must have known about that well in advance.

The game is experiencing problems when accessing servers for profiles, stats and logs and Sony is apparently trying its very best currently to keep up with the pace and ensure that your GT5 initiation is not ruined. Hopefully this will not last long as continued waiting in between games can be a real pain indeed.

So how was your GT5 experience so far?

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