BlackBerry PlayBook Pricing Specs Leak; Get a 32 GB Version for $599

November 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For all you out there who have been waiting to lay your hands on specific details of the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, here’s something served hot. Rumors  hint at  a  possible pricing of this cute 7-inch tablet device. Though the details are still in the garb of rumors simply because RIM has not made any confirmation, they seem to suit the stories running around about the possible price tags of the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The grapevine  puts the price of an 8 GB version of PlayBook at $399, while 16 GB version is expected to come for $499. It  says that the 32 GB PlayBook will cost $599, this one being the high-end one in the series.

Though it suits the earlier predictions, the confusing thing is that the 8 GB version was not included in the earlier announcements.

Similarly, there is no clue in the rumors about the 64 GB version of the Playbook which was the most expected. We guess the rumor mill has mistakenly brought in an 8 GB model and omitted the 64 GB one.

Apart from the price list, there is news that PlayBook comes without WWAN ability at least till 2012. So, once it touches the markets, it will be only Wi-Fi enabled but capable of tethering to a BlackBerry for data service.

However, the prices seem so competitive compared with that of the present devices in the market. Well, if the rumor about the 8 GB version is real, we would not rather cheer up about such a plan. Well, it’s not yet official yet, we shall wait and see.

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