Elder Scrolls 5 Unofficially Confirmed

November 23, 2010, By Christian Davis

Bethesda was secretly working on the fifth Elder Scrolls game and Eurogamer Denmark was there to discover this.One of the members from the development released a pretty nice amount of information ensuring patient gamers that this game is well underway.

The games developer confirmed the role of the game’s production but spoke about the game’s content as well. The same undisclosed source also confirmed that  this will be a direct sequel to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

That is all the information we have so far and due to Non Disclosure Agreements, most information has no doubt been withheld.  It has been quite a long time since we have seen an Elder Scrolls game and with the progression of games today, this next installment should be the best out of the entire series.

No release date stated but you can assume it will appear on the Playstation 3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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