Xbox 360 Black Friday Deals

November 22, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

Black Friday deals for Xbox Live are hitting consoles tomorrow and you don’t want to be left out of the loop. Stack up on Microsoft Points as soon as you can. Xbox Live Arcade titles are going for half off or cheaper. Splosion Man for example is being knocked down to 160 Microsoft Points which translates to around $2.

From Friday November 26th to Monday November 29th Halo: Reach “Standard Edition” and Fable III “Standard Edition” will be at your local retail store for $39.99 U.S. ERP or less. Starting Tuesday November 23rd through Monday November 29th Xbox Live will have Black Friday deals on Game Add-Ons, Zune Movies, Games on Demand, and Xbox Live Arcade Titles. Check Xbox Live on Black Friday for exclusive 24-hour discounts. The full list can be found at

Games On Demand

“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas™” (Rockstar Games) – 400 Microsoft Points

“Halo: Combat Evolved” (Microsoft Game Studios) – 400 Microsoft Points

Xbox LIVE Arcade

“Trials HD” (Microsoft Game Studios) – 400 Microsoft Points

“‘Splosion Man™” (Microsoft Game Studios) – 160 Microsoft Points

“Monkey Island™: Special Edition” (Microsoft Game Studios) – 400 Microsoft Points

“Madden NFL Arcade” (Electronic Arts) – 400 Microsoft Points

“Portal: Still Alive” (Microsoft Game Studios) – 400 Microsoft Points

Zune Movies

“Clash of the Titans” – 720 Microsoft Points

“Sex and the City 2” – 720 Microsoft Points

“Cats and Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore” – 720 Microsoft Points

“300” – 380 Microsoft Points

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