Sony Playstation Phone to Debut at MWC 2011?

November 22, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Sony Playstation phone definitely sounds a very interesting proposition, but for starters, it hasn’t yet been confirmed. Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg though is leading the much needed impetus to make us believe that something of the sort truly exists and it might break cover at the Mobile World Congress in Feb 2011.

Bert did however acknowledge the leaks of the Playstation phone which of course is very good news. He however did not directly confirm the Android gaming phone’s existence, but said that there was “a lot of smoke” and thus that there “must be a fire somewhere”.

The precise timing of this mystery phone’s arrival wasn’t mentioned but Bert did hint at making some “noise’ at the MWC in Feb 2011. MWC is ideally the best event to take the veil of the hottest upcoming smartphones and the Playstation phone is definitely a top candidate.

Now what we got to decide as users is whether it will be the Sony Playstation phone or the Xperia X12 or even both which will break cover the coveted MWC, which is slated to take place in three months time from now.

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