How to Use Windows Live Mail with Windows 7

November 22, 2010, By Christian Cawley

As we’ve already seen, Windows Live Essentials features several use applications that you might expect to be included with Windows 7 but in fact are omitted.

One of these is an email client. While certain PC manufacturers and suppliers have included versions of Windows Live Mail on their Windows 7 computers, the majority of PCs and laptops running the latest Microsoft operating system don’t have an email client.

The only way to get email on Windows 7 is either through your browser, via Microsoft Outlook if you have Office installed, or to download an email client. You might opt for a free solution like Mozilla Thunderbird or Opera Email, or you could visit to download the installer and get a copy of Windows Live Mail.

Installing the Microsoft Windows 7 Email Client

Windows Live Mail is downloaded from the web as part of the live installer that can be downloaded above – when you install Windows Live Essentials, you can choose to either install all applications and components or choose which ones you would like. Complete installation shouldn’t take too long, although this will depend on your network connection.

With Windows Live Mail installed as part of the Essentials suite, you’ll be ready to start sending and receiving email messages – just as soon as you have setup your email account. The email client makes this as easy as possible thanks to a typically useful configuration wizard.

Automatically Setting Up an Email Account

As Microsoft’s intended Windows 7 email client, Windows Live Mail will allow you to setup an email account of almost any kind, including a Hotmail/Windows Live account. In fact this option doesn’t even require any configuration – simply click on the Sign in to Windows Live link in the Add your email accounts screen and the client will immediately connect to your Windows email account.

Otherwise you will need to enter the username and password for the email service you use. This might be Gmail or any other web-based email program (even Yahoo! Mail if you pay for the pleasure of access to the POP server) as well as various POP and IMAP accounts.

Begin by entering your email address and then your password. Click on Next to proceed, and if your email domain is one that Windows Live Mail recognises, configuration will take place automatically and your account will be setup!

Manually Setup an Email Account with Windows Live Mail

You might opt to use an email account that Windows Live Mail cannot setup automatically. The chances are that this problem isn’t limited to this particular Windows 7 email client, as there are many email accounts that use unusual settings. As such, you will need to check with your email provider for the server names and other account settings, and setup your account manually.

To setup your account manually, tick the Manually configure server settings box in the Add your email accounts screen, and click Next.

In the next screen, you will need to specify incoming server information such as:

  • Server type – POP, IMAP or Windows Live Hotmail
  • Server address and port
  • Whether the server requires an SSL connection
  • Authentication type – Clear text or Secure Password Authentication
  • Your server logon name

You will also need to specify outgoing server information:

  • Server address and port
  • Whether the outgoing server requires an SSL connection
  • Whether the outgoing server requires authentication

With these details entered, click Next, and Windows Live Mail will do the rest. With your account setup, a visit to File > Options > Mail > General will allow you to set a Send/Receive Messages schedule.

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