Downloading and Using Movie Maker with Windows 7

November 22, 2010, By Christian Cawley

If you want to edit together clips from digital video cameras or mobile phones, you might be planning on booting up Windows 7 and using Movie Maker.

But you would be disappointed as Windows 7 doesn’t come with Movie Maker.

Along with Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail, Windows Movie Maker is part of the Windows Live Essentials pack, which can be downloaded This suite of useful applications includes Windows Movie Maker and with this you can edit video clips on your Windows 7 computer!

To get started, download the Windows Live Installer from the link above, and then run it. You’ll need a fast Internet connection to get the best results from this installation.

Installing Windows Live Movie Maker

Once you have downloaded the installer and run it, select to install either the full suite of components or use the second option to select the apps you want. Don’t forget to include Windows 7 Movie Maker in this selection!

The applications will download and install and after a short time (depending on your Internet speed) you will be able to start using Windows Movie Maker.

Using Movie Maker in Windows 7

Windows 7 Movie Maker is a great way to create your own movies from clips recorded on digital video cameras and movie phones. It features the abilities to import clips, record from a webcam and even add music soundtracks and still images, as well as animated transition effects, various visual effects, 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios and online sharing through YouTube, Facebook and other networking services.

To get started go to Start > All Programs > Windows Live Movie Maker – the application will launch and you can get started straightaway by Home > Add videos and photos.

This will open a typical Windows 7 browse window and all you need to do to add a movie is double click it! You will see that a timeline is created on the right-side of the screen, while the clip itself can be previewed on the right.

By right-clicking on the timeline of the movie you will be able to set a start point and an end point, very useful if you wish to cut to another clip. You can then cut back to your original clip by importing it again and setting an appropriate start point, possibly later in the timeline depending upon your editing requirements…

Exporting and Sharing Windows Live Movies

When you have finished your movie, you have two options. You can either use the File > Save Project option so that you can return to this collection of clips at a later date and perhaps apply transitions and fades, or you could use File > Save Movie. Here you will find various options for different purposes – you can save in high definition, burn to DVD, save for playback on a mobile device, and many others including custom save option.

Finally, the File > Publish Movie option will allow you to share your Windows Live Movie Maker production to the web to websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, Windows Live and you can even upload the finished product to your Windows Live SkyDrive cloud storage space!

It might be free, but you can get great results from Windows Live Movie Maker…

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