Samson Expedition 40iw Wireless PA System Launched

November 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

World class speaker and audio recording device manufacturer Samson has added one more excellent device to its line up with the introduction of its Expedition 40iw wireless PA system. This new device, which is a perfect fit for your next party, comes with a wireless microphone and has an iPod dock which enables you to perform a music show to add more colors to your party or social gathering.

For delivering full-range sound, it comes with a 6-inch woofer. The 40 watt class D amplifier is highly efficient in performance with low energy consumption. There are bass and treble controls, which helps you to try some numbers with your favorite tracks.

The main advantage is that it is really portable. Its rechargeable battery, light weight and the top handle all add to the portability of this device. There is a ¼ inch link in/out jack which allows you to set up a stereo set up by linking two systems together.

The Expedition 40iw portable Public Addressing system is perfect for varied uses like business presentations as well as addressing students in a classroom even while teaching music.

Moreover, if you are that kind of a person who wants to let your soul free with a song, the VHF wireless microphone system that comes along, allows you to sing along your favorite tracks aloud.

If you love to have this for your next party time, get it at Best Buy for $299.99 with free shipping.

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