Facebook Ultimately Conquers MySpace and the World Isn’t Concerned!

November 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

The experts might call it a merger or a mash-up, but for us, in plain and simple words, the once mighty MySpace has eventually surrendered to the ‘almighty’ Facebook. MySpace was unaffected by the rising Facebook a couple of years back without realizing that  Zuckerberg’s Facebook will be the eventual reason for its downfall.

Anyway, the matter of fact now is that Facebook is the name that rules the scene and MySpace after all its last ditch efforts, has finally decided to give up to the FB might.  MySpace has gone ahead and introduced a new feature today which lets you mash up your Facebook profile on Myspace.com.

The feature is dubbed ‘MySpace Mashup With Facebook’and in the most simplest of words gives you a way to pull your likes and interests from Facebook into Myspace. The advantage is that Myspace can then use that data to offer you personalized “recommendations” for entertainment content, which is pretty lame.

MySpace is already down and dusted now and this attempt seems like a foolish effort of living its entertainment portal dream.

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