Apple White iPhone 4 Hands-On Photos Emerge

November 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The White iPhone 4 handsets from Apple are not on sale in the markets, but some of the latest reports will be interesting for those who were dreaming about owning one of them. Reports from BGR indicate the availability of a special edition of the iconic device.

The report has stated that the White iPhone 4 parts are still available in the markets and the customers could avail these for modifying their iPhone.

The pictures of a black iPhone 4 transformed into a white one seems to be gorgeous and it really appears to be the original white edition. The site has said that they managed to get hold of the parts from their sources at and once they completed collecting the parts they had build the model.

The customers who are willing to go for the white thing should be a bit adventurous to collect the white iPhone 4 parts themselves. Once they have the parts they could mimic or craft the white model, which may not be the exact one but the closest thing possible.

The photos of these modified gorgeous white iPhones may persuade the customers to go for the parts to mimic one. Check out more of the photos by hitting the source link.

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