Steve Wozniak Bets on Android Against iOS; Jobs Probably Ignores Him

November 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

When it comes to Apple, Steve Jobs does all the talking and he always stands by his brand irrespective of the world being aware that those opinions at times turn out to be dubious. There is another man who talks about Apple and global technology and he is more regarded for his opinion, for he loves speaking the truth despite being the co-founder of Apple. Steve Wozniak prefers staying a tad low profile, but when he talks, the world likes listening to this man.

Wozniak has spoken again and this time his words might be hurting Steve Jobs more than anyone. Wozniak is of the opinion that the Google Android platform will eventually rule the smartphone scene in the future as the Android phones come with more features and therefore offer more choice to people.

He also quipped that the Android quality, consistency, and user satisfaction will match iOS. Jobs would have to swallow the bitter pill after reading all this, but Wozniak did say that there is hardly anything wrong with the iPhones and the iPhone is still the leading smartphone in terms of quality.

Wozniak had something to say about Nokia as well as he called the Finnish giant a brand from the previous generation that needs to introduce a new brand for the young consumer.

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