Nokia N8 Dead Phone Problem? You Are Not Alone! Hardware Failures Confirmed!

November 18, 2010, By Alex Ion

If you’re the unlucky owner of a Nokia N8 and your phone just went dead on you, you are not alone. Users around the world are starting to show their disappointment with Nokia’s Symbian^3-powered flagship smartphone.

Rumors have it that the N8 packs damaged parts that break its functionality.

The whole story started when tech blog Hexus noticed that the phone stopped working during their review. “At the start of this week we attempted to turn it on and got no response from it.”

Then, the Russian chaps from Mobile-Review mentioned in a Tweet that: “Story repeat itself. Nokia N8 like 5800 has damage parts in first production volumes. N8 are dying across the world. All phones are affected.”

Along the same lines, a six page thread on Nokia support discussion is crammed with people who can’t turn on or charge their newly bought mobiles.

That’s serious trouble, of course, but Nokia would like to make sure you’re not worried about it. According to Niklas Savander, all these are isolated incidents — apparently only a “limited number of users” have been affected, which is not a big deal for the Finnish manufacturer.

Not really sure if I’d like to be in their shoes right now, but if I were Nokia, that wouldn’t be the way to launch the company’s flagship smartphone, and more importantly, not the way to handle such an issue. Those are actual broken devices that people paid real money for.

Good thing it’s covered by warranty. Hope now you can understand why I was right when saying that Symbian is dying. Right? Check out Nokia acknowledging the issue, below.

Image courtesy of whatleydude

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