Google Introduces the Ability to Edit Docs on iOS and Android, No More Read Only Limitations

November 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

Using Google Docs over your iPhone, iPad or Android devices wasn’t too pleasing until now for it was limited as a read-only service. Apple developers in particular are to blame as they didn’t put in any efforts to develop Google Docs furthermore despite being available on the iOS for three years. Google had to take it upon itself to alter the situation to make Google Docs more usable across smartphone platforms including its very own Android.

Anyway, the good thing now is that Google has taken control of the situation and users can go ahead and edit Google Docs from their iPhones, iPads and Android handsets. The new mobile editor makes it possible to make changes to your Google Docs from any iOS 3.x or higher device, as well as from Android devices running Froyo 2.2.

Google had been introducing added support for more mobile browsers for quite some time now, but the ability to edit Google Docs was missing this far. The changes are being set in place and they will go full throttle in the next few days.

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