Apple iOS 4.2 Update Arrives Today at 1PM EST?

November 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

The last time we heard about the iOS 4.2 update was when it got delayed because of some WiFi issues and now we are here again expecting the highly awaited firmware upgrade to arrive today. It is really hard to believe that iOS 4.2 arrives today at 1PM EST given the number of times these rumors have tricked us, but today the scenario is a tad different.

The basis of this ‘assumption’ isn’t some dubious rumor, but a recent Tweet from 9to5Mac which mentions: Why does it feel like an iOS 4.2 day? 1pm ET? Just in case you doubt this, the Tweet snapshot above is good enough a confirmation.

The problem though is that the tweet doesn’t have any links to Apple or 9to5Mac, which ofcourse is a very popular Apple-centered tech blog. Now this again confuses us as to how we should comprehend this particular tweet, though the positive is that our confusion will be end shortly.

If this turns out to be another hoax, the next resort will obviously be to hang around until November 24 which is the next date when we could be ‘fooled again’.

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