Rumor: Is this Sony’s PSP2 Dev Kit?

November 17, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

Wondering what Sony has mixed up in their handheld district? Well a Dev Kit has been released today of Sony’s Playstation Portable 2. The images shown below are courtesy of

Sony’s hand held device is rumored to have an HD screen which will hopefully compete with Nintendo’s 3DS’ 3-D feature. Also in what we can tell from the photo it looks to have a microphone as well as a camera. Phone calls, Video chat, maybe some sort of Skype feature. It’s definitely a possibility.

Two joysticks are also on the device in this early stage which seems like an interesting concept. Considering that it looks like the PSP2 slides down over them. The joysticks seem to be flush with the device within itself. Hopefully that’s one of the first things changing in the future for comfort is most important in the handheld gaming department.

The power behind this device is rumored to have twice the RAM an Xbox 360 has. Rumored keep that in mind. With power like that It’ll be exciting to see what Sony can do. Endless possibilities for handheld gamers.

It’s set to release late next year and let’s hope they have some information at the upcoming E3 within the following months.

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