Latest T-Mobile myTouch 4G Commercial Mocks the AT&T Services Yet Again, iPhone Inadvertently Mocked At as Well

November 17, 2010, By Atul Roach

T-Mobile is busy promoting its ‘lightening fast’ 4G HSPA+ network and in the bargain it is also making a point to talk about its latest sensation-the myTouch 4G. We are normally not very interested in talking about such promotions, but the case of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G is of great interest as the carrier continues to target AT&T’s slow network issues relentlessly.

The latest commercial again continues to take inspiration from the ‘I am Mac’ ad guidelines while it dubs AT&T as a slow rider. The ad inadvertently mocks the iPhone 4 as well, which has to suffer speed issues beacuse of its affinity for the sad AT&T network. Even in the hindsight, iPhone 4 has suffered because of the AT&T network issues as the poor network was the reason why the designers chose to add the surrounding antenna band and the glass front.

Therefore, we are enjoying this direct criticism all the more and T-Mobile is definitely right in dubbing the AT&T network as a slow rider which has hampered the success of the iPhone 4. Just to see what the advert is all about, scroll through to view the commercial which is blunt yet enjoyable at the same time. Hail T-Mobile!

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