Google Voice Finally Makes it to the App Store, But only as an iPhone Specific App

November 17, 2010, By Atul Roach

Apple and Google are two brands which cannot really stand the sight of each other and the rise of Android has been the main issue, but somehow the two have settled their arguments momentarily and that is the reason we now see Google Voice Application available for download in the App store. The arrival of Google Voice in the App Store had been pending for a long time and the application has finally arrived to please a number of Google Voice lovers using the iPhones.

The entire picture is not that rosy though as Apple has specified that Google Voice in the App Store will be an iPhone only App and the other popular gadgets such as the iPad and iPod Touch will not be able to run this App. This implies that Apple has sanctioned the App and that too with Google being allowed to render it the way it wants, but the trick has again been played.

Anyway, we can forget the negative aspects for a while and rejoice for the fact that at least the iPhone users can now take advantage of Google Voice by making low cost outbound calls. The pre-requisite though is that you will require a Google Voice account first which ofcourse can be made for free within a matter of minutes.

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