Google Docs Documents: Insert and Publish!

November 17, 2010, By Christian Cawley

As we’ve already seen, Google Documents word processing can be used for the majority of tasks that you might otherwise use Microsoft Word for. But how do you go about this?

While it might be easy to start typing and use the formatting tools to create a script, how, for instance, might I insert images, links to websites or special characters? Is there an easy way to display footnotes or review notes?

Google Docs Documents is far more complicated than a standard type and edit Word clone – so let’s take a look at how we might add these elements to our document.

Google Documents Tutorial – Insert Images, Links and Characters

Images can be added to a document easily in Google Documents via Insert > Image…. You might also use the Insert image tool on the toolbar.

In the Insert image screen you have a choice of Upload where you can add an image from your PC, URL where you can add the web address of your image or Google Image Search which allows you to make use of Google’s extensive library of images from across the web. With an image now part of your document, you can click it to display two options – Inline, which will see the text stop for the image and continue again after it, or Fixed, with which the text will flow around it.

You might add a link to a website while using Google Documents, or perhaps to a bookmark within the document or even an email address. These options are all available via Insert > Link… or the Insert link toolbar item (CTRL+K also works) and all you need to do is choose your web address or email address and enter the text to be displayed. You can avoid this last step by selecting text before using the Insert link tool.

Special characters can also be added to your Google Documents file, via Insert > Special characters. This screen is easy to use – simply select the symbol you want, and click OK. If you use the same symbol regularly, Google Documents will remember the most recent ones you have used and display these.

Google Documents Tutorial – Footnotes and Review Notes

Footnotes are a great way of enhancing a document by adding important context or references to what you are writing about but rather than appearing in the text (as you might use brackets) footnotes appear, as you might expect, at the foot of the page.

These can be added via the Insert > Footnote menu item, and will add a small “#” next to the word you are footnoting; this will occur on every footnote and as yet there is no way to change the symbol or use different symbols for each footnote. The space to enter your footnote will appear at the side of the Google Documents page, and this will be added to the document properly when you come to print.

Meanwhile review notes can be added to a document with Comment. To use this tool, select the word, phrase, sentence or paragraph you wish to draw attention to, then go to Insert > Comment. As with the Footnote tool, a small text area will appear to the side of the document, this time on the right. All you need to do is add you comment here, and this might be anything from praise to suggesting the item is removed.

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