Dell Streak in White Available In-Store Via Best Buy, Are you Game?

November 17, 2010, By Atul Roach

I am always confused about the categorization of the Dell Streak as I never understand whether to dub this product as a tablet or a smartphone so the safer way of doing it is to call it a tablet phone. Anyway, the matter of fact is that Best Buy is beefing up its Dell Streak offer for the holidays by “not lowering the price’ but offering the Streak in a whitish tinge.

I must openly acknowledge that the whitish Dell Streak looks way better than the standard black or red versions and BestBuy might enjoy some good holiday profit courtesy of these white 5-inch Streak sales. As of now, the White Streaks are available only in select BestBuy stores across the country and you will gave to put in the effort to walk to your nearest store as they are only available in-store.

Orders can also be posted online, but then you will have to be patient as deliveries may take time, although the hassle of finding a store which has the white Streak in stock will be spared.

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