She-Hulk and Zero Confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom 3

November 16, 2010, By Christian Davis

Marvel and Capcom’s legendary fight series, Marvel vs Capcom 3 just got two more characters confirmed. One will make you extrememly happy, the other character, not so much.

The game that is set to release on February 15th will include Megan Man’s sword laser sword wielding Zero. He’s quick, very combo friendly, and is already going to be a fan favorite. Capcom has been selecting some pretty good characters for us to play as. Some our a little obscure, but they are welcomed additions.

Along with the release of Zero, we can also play as She-Hulk. Yea, I didn’t expect her either, but she does seem to be a very powerful character. The combos pulled off in the video(shown below) are very impressive and she for a grapple character, she has a long reach and can get you in the corner quickly.

Below we’ve got a video of She-Hulk and Zero in action. Which is your favorite?

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