Samsung Mesmerize on US Cellular Reviewed

November 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

US Cellular has made its mark with its exceptional network services in the states. However, they have a bunch of pretty devices on its network also. We recently came across the carrier’s Samsung Mesmerize.

Looking similar to the Samsung Fascinate in many ways with its hardware, its software identity is enough to give it an upper hand. This slim , 4.1 ounce phone comes with a 4 inch 800×480 Super AMOLED touchscreen and we promise you, it’s real Super AMOLED with its ability to give you the real colors’ on it.

Coming to the voice quality, well, we have to take both US Cellular service and Samsung build-up into consideration. In our experience, it is a good voice phone with clear voice production on both sides, with a reasonably performing speakerphone.

However, not everything is completely perfect; there is a little background noise and a sort of air hanger effect while making calls. But if you don’t want a noise less recording device but a reasonably clear phone, it will do the job. Moreover, it works well with the Bluetooth headsets also.

Though it comes with voice dialing option, at times we found it not so accurate.

The 5 MP camera also got a good attention from us. It shows some reasonable performance even at low-light conditions. Its LED flash and numerous editing options make it a flexible device. It gives exceptional picture quality with detail-rich output. We didn’t find the usual halo problem with the Mesmerize as with some other HD video recording phones.

Its connectivity performance also was checked. It connects to the internet using US Cellular’s EV-DO Rev A network. Moreover it is 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi enabled.  It came handy in connecting to our corporate network. Connecting to US Cellular’s 3G hotspots also was easier and faster than we expected.

To tell a little on the processor, its 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor is really speedy. Running on Android 2.1, it is expecting an upgrade to 2.2 soon.

It has the TouchWiz UI layer over the Android giving an altogether new look. Apps run reasonably well, especially some apps from US Cellular like Telenav are spectacular.

To be frank, we really loved the Mesmerize by the time we finished checking it. But the decision is all yours. On the bottom-line, if we look at this device, its pros are its fast pace, and the brilliant display. However the voice dialing and voice quality needs a little more good work from Samsung and US Cellular.

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