Marvel vs Capcom 3 Special Edition Unveiled with 2 More Characters

November 16, 2010, By Christian Davis

A great amount of Marvel vs Capcom 3 news has been released. We’ve got the announcement of Marvel’s She-Hulk and Capcom’s Zero and almost immediately after, we get confirmation of Marvel vs Capcom 3’s Special Edition.

It looks like Gamestop has revealed the games Special Edition. The first thing you’ll notice about this special edition(pictured above) is the box art. The nicely detailed collage of the characters is one of the best box covers to ever be released.

The Special Edition also comes with a DLC codes for two characters. Resident Evil’s Jill and the green tentacled monster Shuma Gorath will be making an appearance in Marvel vs Capcom 3. If you don’t get the Special Edition, the characters will be available 4 weeks after the games release.

You’ll also receive a 12 page prologue comic and a 1 month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics. Which lets you see all the comics you want online for free.

Pretty cool Special Edition, especially with the inclusion of the two DLC character. This version of the game will cost $69.99 and will release the same day as the standard edition on February 15th.

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