Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Arriving November 23

November 16, 2010, By Atul Roach

Dell Inspiron Duo tablet is a specialty as far as I see it for it symbolizes the meeting point of two generation of computers. Inspiron Duo is where the tablet meets the older generation netbooks which appeared a novelty when these thin touchscreen based slates never existed, which of course wasn’t a very long time ago. Anyway, the matter of the fact is that the Dell Inspiron Duo/Netbook is supposedly arriving next week on November 23rd.

Yes the Atom processor powered netbooks may be approaching its end with the rise of some better options such as the bobcat apu(s), but Dell Inspiron can still be considered, courtesy of the impressive spec sheet which can put your best tablets to shame.

The screen flipping tablet netbook, as per some highly reliable insiders working with Dell, have assured that the tablet release will not be held up beyond November 23, while pre-sale information should be revealed later in this week.

You can check out the inspirational generation bridging Duo in the latest Microsoft Cloud computing advert pasted below.

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