Toshiba Folio 100 Android Tablet Sales Halted in the UK; Flaws Spotted

November 15, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Toshiba has suffered a major blow as UK retailers have stopped the sales of the Toshiba’s Android Tablet Folio 100. Company memos from Dixons chain stores, Currys and PC World have been leaked and these memos confirm the freezing of sales of the device. The gadget has been out of the retailers’ websites and the price has been boosted up to $1613 (£999) for discouraging further queries for and about the sale.

Although the device runs on the Android 2.2 Froyo platform, the absence of Android Market and Flash support has been reported as a major setback reason. There have been complaints about the random wakeups from standby, poor-quality display, and the lack of responsiveness.

The poor build quality with a relatively fragile plastic shell is also added in the list of drawbacks. When you have a tightly build Samsung Galaxy Tab and the aluminum iPad in the market it will definitely be hard to choose a plastic build. The company has, however, not commented on the interrupted sales of the Folio 100.

It needs to be mentioned that this case could indicate the trouble for the early days of Android tablets. The 95 percent of the tablet space in 2010 has been owned by the iPad. It was the irresolute welcome and the quality issues of other tablets that helped iPad to gain such a huge share.

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