Microsoft KIN One & Two Gets a Second Chance on Verizon

November 12, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A leaked document from Verizon believed to be the roadmap for its devices in Q4 2010 has indicated some interesting things. Its feature phones list for Q4 includes two old devices, indeed in new name, the KIN ONEm and the KIN TWOm, targeting the young adults and the teen segment of the market.

If you have your memory working in bleep-speed, you will recall the Microsoft products – Kin One and Kin Two – which had a short life on the Verizon network. With the new document leak, it seems Verizon is giving a second chance to the Kin after it was pulled from the network due to poor market performance.

As per the available info, in the second coming, these devices come detached from data plans. No monthly charges if you want to get your hands on these. There are also other reports that suggest that Verizon is trying to sell off the old pieces left in its stores.

On the brighter side, the Kin devices come with e-mail, messaging and calendar functionalities. A major feature will be the Zune Music Experience brought to you by these devices.

The KIN ONEm comes with a 5 MP camera and 4GB onboard memory. The KIN TWOm is equipped with an 8 MP camera and 8GB onboard memory. It can record HD video also.

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