FIC Tycoon Windows 7 Tablet Launched in Taiwan

November 12, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

To join the tablet family, yet another new device has entered the market, this time in Taiwan from FIC. Pet named Tycoon; the new tablet runs Windows 7 Home Premium and is now available for purchase in Taiwan. It is expected to hit the US market soon.

Equipped with Intel’s Atom N455 processor, Tycoon is really storm-speedy when handling high-degree tasks. The 2GB DDR3 memory and a 120 GB internal hard disk helps it meet the storage as well as performance needs of an average tablet user.

Altogether the beast weighs only 840g. To provide you with enough working space, Tycoon comes with a 10-inch TFT-LCD multi-touch screen. Despite this multi-touch functionality, Tycoon’s UI is meant to accommodate keyboards and other inputting devices.

To make the Windows 7 Applications UI suit a Tablet PC, FIC has made some tweaks with the help of Microsoft. FIC expects it can sell more than 1000 units a month in Taiwan markets and 50000 units abroad. The new rig is priced at NT$ 19800. That makes it almost worth $660 in the US market.

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