Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tablet Availability Confirmed for $599

November 11, 2010, By Atul Roach

This definitely isn’t a huge surprise as we were already aware of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet arrival with Big Red today, but the revelation of price is definitely something new. Big Red has detailed that the Samsung Galaxy Tablet running on Android will cost $599 and of course you will be paying extra on a monthly basis to get data-plans running on it.

The cheapest of the plans will cost $20 per month for 1GB while there will also be a $80 option rendering 10GB. In all this, Big Red is also going to charge you $35 activation fee, which means that the Galaxy Tablet will not be an easy thingamajig to own.

All four of the major US Carriers will be selling this Android OS powered tablet just like the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, which too made it to the top four US Carriers stores.

T-Mobile has already made this tablet available and after VZW, Sprint is the next service provider to sell the Galaxy Tablet, November 14th onwards. With these release dates for all the Carriers being close to one another, the success will depend on the kind of usage plans offered to the subscribers.

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