Motorola Droid 2 OS update May Bring in Profiles UI

November 11, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Motorola seems to be developing a refreshing look for its Droid 2 devices. Leaked reports indicate that an OS update is getting ready behind the curtains with new looks and indeed, new features.

Early emerging details suggest that the Droid 2 users need not be jealous towards Droid Pro users anymore because the reported update seems to give Droid 2 the looks of Droid Pro.

A leaked screenshot shows that the new OS update will be offering profile options for the user to switch between a particular set of themes and other settings according to individual interest.

The leaked image shows an interface from which the user can select either a profile named ‘Home’, or ‘Work’ or a third one named ‘Weekend’. We are not sure if profiles with the same name and features will be included in the new update, but we feel that the new Droid 2 OS update will surely provide the profile option to the user like Droid Pro and many other similar devices.

Another interesting news leak regarding the Droid2 OS update is that it offers tethering capability. A leaked screenshot shows a UI which helps establish USB tethering connections. So in future, you can browse internet on your PC by connecting your Droid 2 via USB.

Reports claim that despite the addition of new features, the OS update can run in blazing pace. But, wait till it comes out and then we shall boast about it, right?

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