Google Nexus S for T-Mobile Availability for Holidays Confirmed by BestBuy Mobile, But Only Momentarily!

November 11, 2010, By Atul Roach

The successor to the smartphone that ushered the Android success- Google Nexus One- is a matter of huge confusion for even the best of gadget freaks and that includes us. Rumors were ripe that Samsung has been endowed with the responsibility of creating the second generation Nexus dubbed the Nexus Two, and from nowhere the glimpse of a Nexus S for T-Mobile snapshot has confused these assumptions furthermore.

We are not sure where this Nexus S for T-Mobile came from, but BestBuy Mobile did have this product listed only for a few moments after which it was pulled out.Thanks to Google cache, we could still have this snapshot pasted here to give you a convincing proof of what we talk about.

There is every chance that this could indeed be the Nexus Two and that ‘S’ in the name implies Samsung, which is presumably the creator of the second edition Nexus. BestBuy Mobile advert mentioned that this device is coming this holiday season and if it turns out to be, the Android Gingerbread and Super AMOLED display carvers will be satiated to the hilt.

And just before I wind up this narrative, you might also be interested to hear that the Nexus S (or call it whatever) will feature a Hummingbird Processing option.

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