Brand New Trailer for Rockstar’s L.A. Noire

November 11, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

L.A. Noire is titled as a generation crime thriller developed by Rockstar and published by Team Bondi. From the new in game trailer you can see it’s an interactive detective story set in the classic noir period of the late 1940’s.

Rockstar released the first in-game trailer of the long awaited L.A. Noire. Hopefully it will refresh your memory why you were excited when they announced the title over two years ago. L.A. Noire catches the mood of the 1940’s with action, detection and complex storytelling that draws players into an open-ended mystery to solve a series of gruesome murders. Set in a perfectly recreated 1940’s Los Angeles including drugs,  jazz, and before freeways ruled the city L.A. Noire will truly blend cinema and gaming.

The cop you get to have the role of seems like he doesn’t take no for an answer. He will do anything to get to the bottom of the story. He’s a more lethal Dirty Harry. Watch the trailer below so you can get on the L.A. Noire bandwagon.

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