Sprint ZTE Peel Pod Touch Mobile-Hotspot Case Officially Confirmed

November 10, 2010, By Atul Roach

This is definitely the best news for the iPod aficionados who were looking to pep their iPods this holiday season with some interesting accessories. Sprint has gone ahead and officially announced the ZTE Peel Pod which is a casing that turns your iPod into an active mobile hotspot. The Peel Pod arrives November 14th and it will not hurt your pocket much as far as the initial investment is concerned demanding a modest $79.99

The Peel Pod is compatible with second and third generation iPod touch devices. As far as the monthly plans are concerned, Sprint will offer a $30, month-to-month hotspot plan for the Peel Pod which will facilitate 1GB data usage.

The initial cost can still be digested, but the idea of converting an iPod touch into a mobile-hotspot with a $30 plan (for 1GB data usage) is pretty lame. This is a great accessory, but Sprint needs to revisit its strategy as far as the monthly plan charges are concerned.

Sprint should introduce it as an accessory which every iPod Touch owner craves for and not something which will be ignored as an expensive novelty.

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