Read eBooks with Windows Phone 7

November 10, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Windows Phone 7 has arrived with quite a fanfare – sure, there are other mobile platforms with a hell of a lot more apps, but then they’ve been around a lot longer. Windows Phone 7 is a brand new mobile operating system, its quality highlighted by the delectable Metro user interface that combines clean lines and a lovely font called Segoe WP. Throw in the live tiles to afford access to the 6 hubs and you have got yourself a beautiful new phone.

Now all you need are some eBooks.  Despite only being released in late 2010, Windows Phone 7 already has a surprising number of eBook readers available. Whether you’re looking for a PDF reader or something that provides compatibility with a wider selection eBooks, there are plenty of options available.

Windows Phone eBook Readers

We won’t require any complicated download and installation instructions here, as Windows Phone 7 makes this process extremely easy via its Marketplace, which is where you will find all of these apps.

Basically, all you will need to do is hit the Marketplace tile and use the Search button on your phone to search for the app. Have a look at the app details and screenshots and then decide if you want to install or not – Windows Phone 7 will do the rest!

Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 7

The most obvious choice for an eBook reader is Adobe Reader, and this app has been available for Windows Phone 7 since launch. This should come as no surprise, as PDF is the world’s most popular portable document format – in fact it is that popular that Microsoft has incorporated support for it in the most recent version of Microsoft Office.

Adobe Reader is available free on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

EBook Reader

Also available is EBook Reader, a low-price Windows Phone 7 app that provides a vast library of 100,000 electronic books. This app features a very usable user interface allowing you to set bookmarks in the eBook, jump to pages and event select a different display font, as well as a nice browsable library with which to find what you want to read.


This free program allows you to read EPUB, HTML and TXT format eBooks from a variety of sources such as online catalogues like Project Gutenburg, Smashwords and Feedbooks, and again feature a very usable interface with which to browse book titles online by author, title and genre. Visual options can be altered to suit different requirements and the app can be used in conjunction with Calibre to allow you to make your own collection of eBooks available.


Currently there is no Kindle eBook reader for Windows Phone 7, although that is surely only a matter of time. Naturally using a mobile device for reading an eBook depends on the screen size – I use a HTC HD7 so I get the benefit of one of the largest mobile displays on the market.  What you then need is a good, social reading atmosphere that tunes in with the “live hubs” that Windows Phone 7 features. The app for this is Copia, which allows you to read eBooks and share your thoughts with others! Each book has an overview, with ratings and review scores also available to help you make a decision and inspire discussion…

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