Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta for Android is Now Available for Download

November 10, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Opera Mini mobile browser is already ‘beta history’ and the improved version Opera Mobile 10 is now started to invade the Android OS powered handsets. The first beta version-Opera Mobile 10.1 beta- can be downloaded right away from the Android marketplace and it does manage to replicate the Opera desktop version which is great news for the Opera browser lovers.

Comparing the Opera Mini and Opera 10.1 beta, the prominent difference is the Presto browser engine on the server whereas in the mobile version, this engine is requires installation on your mobile devices.

Opera Chief Executive Officer Lars Boilsensen also quipped that Android users will have a better choice in terms of browser selection on their mobile phone. He mentioned that this fresher version of Opera will let mobile users have web access while making use of “the best tools” available.

Talk about these tools and the most interesting options include- speed dial, better page handling which improves webpage load times, tab management and fluid panning. Geolocation and SVG support are two novel additions which were not available on Opera Mini.

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