Microsoft Has No Plans for Another Xbox Anytime Soon.

November 10, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

Microsoft feels the Xbox 360 has a lot of years left and are not looking to make a new console. By adding new software and devices like Kinect there is no reason to build another console anytime soon.

Microsoft’s Xbox and Etertainment Director, Stephen McGill :

“We’ve no plans for another Xbox. You’ll continue to see us bring amazing new experiences to the console, without you having to buy a brand new console. A couple of years ago we didn’t have movies, Sky, Facebook and Twitter – now we’ve got things like Kinect.”

“We’ll continue to evolve those gaming and entertainment experiences through the power of software updates, rather than new chipsets and plastic.”

He makes a valid point. The Xbox 360 still has a lot of time left in it. With add-ons like Netflix, ESPN, Twitter, Facebook, and the Zune Marketplace there’s no reason for Microsoft to push out a new console. Even with the release of the “new” Xbox 360 they’re not forcing you to purchase it. I appreciate what Microsoft is doing knowing that their console is doing well and will only continue to grow.

It’s not just a game console anymore it’s a entertainment system. I see more people on Video Kinect and Netflix  instead of playing a video game. It’ll be interesting too see what they can do next year with the addition of Kinect and how far they will develop the new add-ons.

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