How-to use Paste Preview in Office 2010 Suite

November 10, 2010, By Fouad Bajwa

Continuing on Microsoft Office 2010 suite wide changes, users will experience the Paste Preview feature addition as a one of MS Office 2010’s most powerful time-saving features.

Microsoft Office 2010

One of most frequently used commands in office applications has always been the paste command or Ctrl+P. Many users have experienced in the past that the Paste option does not always produce the results we desire and sometimes either the content results differently or it is hard to manage undoing or redoing Paste.

How-to use Paste Preview in the Microsoft Office 2010 suite

Thus, playing with the format of a freshly pasted piece of content to appear correct can be a very time-consuming activity and undoing or redoing interrupts a user’s document or application workflow and Paste or pasting can seem like a complex task that comes with added “repair costs” as mentioned on the Microsoft blogs. Microsoft has finally solved this issue through the the Paste Preview feature that adds flexibility to paste operations.

In order to launch the Paste Preview feature, click the down arrow under the Paste icon. Upon clicking this, a gallery of Paste Options appears and if move your cursor over an option, a ToolTip appears and explains the type of paste that will be performed and also shows a preview of the pasted material at the cursor’s current position in the document.

Microsoft Office 2010 includes the Paste Special dialog and the Paste Recovery feature from previous Microsoft Office versions into a new Paste Options gallery that includes Live Preview enabling hovering over each Paste item allows users to preview the Paste formatting with their actual content.

A new Paste Options gallery helps users get the right results the first time, making the task of copying and pasting content into a document quicker and easier by eliminating the repetitive process of pasting, undoing and trying again.

How-to use Paste Preview in the Microsoft Office 2010 suite

When a user accesses the Paste Options gallery, it will show up in the following three places:

  1. It is displayed in the Office Ribbon
  2. It appears on right-clicking the context menu
  3. It also appears in the Paste Recovery on-object UI (OOUI) appearing near any content that you may have pasted

It is also worth noting that the contents of Paste Options gallery function as being contextual and will change based on what a user has copied and where the content is being pasted.

To understand this further, say you if you copy data from another Microsoft Office 2010 application such as Excel, the Paste choices will be different than that of the user who may have copied some text from Word and so forth for all other applications.

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