EA’s Madden NFL Football Will be Available at 3DS Launch

November 10, 2010, By Nicholas Davis

Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that Madden will be the first EA sports title on Nintendo’s highly awaited 3DS.  The game is expected to release the first half of 2011.

This addition to the award winning football franchise will include game modes such as, 11-on-11, fast paced 5-on-5 football, and a season mode. The 3-D gameplay will come in effectively when you make a “Spotlight Moment” and “Call Your Shots”. The “Call Your Shots” feature puts the game play in 3-D allowing them to draw their own plays on-the-fly directly on to the screen.

Much like the latest Madden on consoles this installment will also feature different types of play calling including Game Flow, Classic, and Arcade mode. It’s a broad range of game modes for the seasoned veteran down to the youngster playing for the fist time. Game Flow selects the best play for the situation.

This mode is used to shorten game time for a more enjoyable experience. Classic play calling utilizes your playbook in depth allowing formations and individual play. Arcade mode simplifies play calling options through a limited range of plays you can call.

All 32 NFL teams and Stadiums will be included and in stunning 3-D visuals. Good choice for the football fan on the go.

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