Dell Venue Pro microSD Slot is Right Underneath the Warranty Sticker

November 10, 2010, By Atul Roach

You all might be aware that Microsoft has gone ahead and specified some pre-set hardware requirements for handset manufacturers that wish to use its Windows Phone 7 mobile OS. One of those pre-requisites is Windows Phone 7 running handsets are not allowed to have user accessible storage, which sounds very iPhone like. Now this might be a part of Microsoft’s effort to control version fragmentation, but one of the WP7 devices (Dell Venue Pro) is just treading the line is this regard.

Flip open the Dell Venue Pro and you will eventually discover that it’s microSD card is just hidden beneath the Warranty Sticker which if removed runs the warranty void. Given that the price of RAND memory is volatile, many other WP7 handsets may have resorted to such guises in an attempt to make the memory inaccessible to users.

Considering Dell Venue Pro’s stance in this regard, you will have to consider that Dell intends to unveil an Android version of this very handset in the future. Since Android does not require WP7 like hardware restrictions, Dell will be ‘almost’ ready to ship the Android OS running Venue Pro sans a warranty sticker, and therefore this kind of a guise makes a lot of sense in this smartphone’s case.

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