Apple iOS 4.2 AirPrint Via Shared Printers on Macs & PCs Cancelled

November 10, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have found new information that suggests that Apple has canceled support for printing from iOS devices to shared printers attached to Macs and Windows PCs. With iOS 4.2 claiming to hit streets on Friday, if it comes without the AirPrint feature, it will be disappointing for those who expect more compatibility and speedy printing tasks with Apple devices.

When iOS 4.2 was released in its beta version, Apple officially announced the inclusion of a new feature called AirPrint. AirPrint in iOS 4.2 enables Apple devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod to carry out instant printing tasks. The feature helps users to search and connect with shared printers on the networks that support AirPrint feature to carry out printing tasks.

The most attractive advantage of this feature is that it will enable the users to take up urgent print outs without installing drivers or downloading add-ons. The feature was announced to be compatible with specific HP printers and shared printers on Macs and PCs.

Now Apple has removed all references regarding AirPrint service from Readme files and other online documentation posted on iOS developer centre. Check it out here, here and here.

The move hints the removal of such a feature from the original version of iOS 4.2 which is expected to be released soon. However, it is not clear if the company will provide the feature in the future.

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