1 Million People were on Xbox Live yesterday playing Call of Duty: Black Ops

November 10, 2010, By Christian Davis

The only people who thought this wouldn’t happen is Activision. They thought they wouldn’t sell as many copies as Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 and it’s looking like they were being a little too conservative.

Treyarch’s community manager, Josh Olin revealed in a tweet his surprise to the amount of people online.

“Am I getting solid intel? Is there really almost 1,000,000 players on Xbox LIVE right now?” he exclaimed.

Xbox Live wasn’t the only thing that had Call of Duty: Black Ops fever. Steam also had a lot of people online. 77, 609 were playing the multiplayer and 64,267 playing the games single player.

That’s a lot of people playing the game at once and Modern Warfare 2 didn’t have that many people online playing the game at once. This doesn’t even including the numbers for the Playstation 3 either.

Call of Duty: Black Ops will only get more and more people playing the game especially because of the rapidly approaching Holiday season.

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