T-Mobile HTC HD7 Sells Out, Microsoft is Surely Pleased

November 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have really rocked the show as far as the smartphone business is concerned and other than these two, no other OS has been able to gain firm footing. The trend is now shifting, or is appearing to shift to be precise, as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is beginning to emerge as the third competitor. A good indication of this change is the fact that the T-Mobile locked version of the HTC HD7 has been sold out.

Microsoft is definitely over the moon as it wouldn’t have really expected the HTC HD7 to sell out its first batch through T-Mobile. We are not criticizing the HTC HD7 in any manner as it is a great product with top-of the-line integrations.

What interests us more though is that HTC HD7 managed the feat with a new OS under the skin. This definitely goes to show that people have started to accept the WP7 as a worthy software and it is up to MSFT to develop this OS furthermore in the future.

Microsoft will not disappoint us on this count especially after realizing early success and MSFT will have to lay emphasis on the development of the application base, more than anything else to run the distance.

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