T-Mobile G2, HTC Desire Z and Desire HD can Finally be Rooted, Courtesy XDA

November 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

The modders have absolutely hated the T-Mobile G2 Android smartphone which has been around for more than a month and you needn’t ask me the reason, if you take pride in calling yourself a smartphone freak. For the modest readers, T-Mobile G2 was a device which could not be rooted as the phone was pre-set with some kind of a self-repair mechanism which undid any kind of root running on it.

But Scott Walker and his buddies over XDA can never stand sight of a cellphone that claims itself to be non-rootable. As a consequence, the geniuses from XDA have finally managed to root the T-Mobile G2, while the HTC Desire Z and HD have also been covered under the procedure.

As we talk, XDA might already be readying the custom ROMs as XDA lovers sharing their exploits with the public. And now that these exploits have been dubbed legal by the US Courts there is no reason why XDA should refrain from sharing such creations.

We will still have to stress though on the fact that such creations are a matter of personal choice and it is you who decide whether to have such software running on your smartphones, as it will be you who will eventually bear the consequences if something goes awry.

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